Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Progress on the quilt...

Here are a few up-dated pictures of the "Double Wedding Ring" quilt. It has been a pleasure making it and it has turned out rather pretty. I only hope the customer likes it! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

He lost....

some teeth!!! Stephen lost his two front teeth this week. He pulls them out by himself. When it was just the first one out, he said he didn't want the other one to come out because he would talk funny. Yesterday, he kept playing with it and I warned him if he didn't leave it alone, it would come out. And, after breakfast, it did! He is SO cute when he talks!

A Pretty Pic of Jordyn

(Mom made and smocked her dress)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mom Prepares for Birth of 17th Child

LITTLE ROCK — The Duggars are once again pulling out the pink ruffles and lace as they prepare for the birth of baby number 17.
Michelle Duggar said Monday in a telephone interview from her northwest Arkansas home that the whole family is excited about the arrival of the baby girl they will name Jennifer Danielle, keeping with the family tradition of giving the child a name that begins with J.

Jennifer Danielle is due July 27.

Duggar, 40, said she was doing fine with her latest pregnancy. Although she has gotten older since she had her first child at age 21, she said, she still has plenty of energy and only minor aches and pains.

"With each baby, God's given me the grace and the energy to keep going, and they really keep you going," she said. "I feel like a 20-year-old kid, but I'm realizing my body isn't that 20-year-old. I don't get up and play the games as hard as I used to, and I try to be a little more careful."

Duggar said she and husband Jim Bob, a former state representative and U.S. senate candidate, view each phase of their children's lives as an adventure.

"I've never been a mom of a 19-year-old young man and a 17-year-old young man and woman, so every phase of parenting is an exciting adventure" Duggar said.

The Duggars home school their children at their 7,000-square foot home in Tontitown. The couple's oldest child, Joshua, is 19, and their youngest, Johanna Faith, is 19 months. Their children include two sets of twins.

Because the couple sees each child as a blessing from God, Michelle Duggar said they will, as long as she is able, accept each child they are given.

"Really, our heart is we would love to receive whatever gifts or blessings the Lord wants to give us," she said. "But I love the baby stage and I can't imagine life without having a toddler in the house."

Two of the Duggar children, Janna, 17, and Jill, 15, attended Johanna's birth at St. Mary's hospital in Rogers in 2005. Duggar said the two girls, who both have an interest in becoming midwives or nurses, may attend Jennifer's birth as well.

And though she has 16 children, Duggar said that each child is so different there are times when she feels like she knows nothing about parenting.

"Here I am a mama with her 17th child on the way, and so many people think 'Oh you've got it all figured out,"' Duggar said. "I am still learning. Just when I think I've got something figured out I try it on the next one and it doesn't work."

The Duggars' other children are John David, 17; Jessa, 14; Jinger, 13; Joseph, 12; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 10; Jeremiah, 8; Jedidiah, 8; Jason, 7, James, 5; Justin, 4; and Jackson Levi, 2.

The Rental

Here it is folks! The rental. Now, in case some of you didn't know, there are 9 (NINE) of us. This little doohickey only seats 5 (FIVE). Small problem don't you think? From now on, till who knows when, we have to make 2 (TWO) trips to get anywhere. A big problem we don't need right now.

Other than that, it's kinda nice.

I think we enjoyed our dinner....

This is what Adam looked like after dinner tonight. :)

Cute kid, huh?

Oh No....

On Tuesday, Dad, Mom, Matt and Stephen were traveling in the van and hit another van on the way home from visiting a friend. The air bags deployed and no one was seriously hurt. But, can you believe this, NO ONE HAD THEIR SEAT BELTS ON. I was astonished when I learned that (I NEVER leave in a moving vehicle without my seat belt on). Mom must have hit her face on the airbag because she has a little cut on her chin. She also has a very big bruise on her knee where she thinks she hit the dashboard. Today they are picking up a rental car for us to drive in. People are trying to say our van was totaled....Mom hopes that it doesn't go that far. So for right now, we don't have our normal family van. You would have never thought we'd actually miss our HUGE passenger van! Mom is picking up the rental now, so when 'it' arrives, I'll show y'all the NEW Couch transportation!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sleeping Slumber

Jordyn taking a peaceful nap

Trying out a new hair style

I found this 'new' hair style on the Internet and I have a couple friends who have done it as well. I found it to be pretty simple to do. It's easy and looks wonderful.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Stephen's game

Stephen played another game of baseball tonight, His team has won all of the games so far. (9 games) He is so cute out on the field. Matt has umpired all of Stephen's games and he does a really good job.
Stephen running to third base
Matt, the umpire
Adam, Dayvid, Dad, and Mom. Jordyn is actually in there too, hidden behind Adam and Dayvid!


My Uncle Tom (my Mom's brother) had a cook out at the park on Sunday. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. We played baseball and got dirty from the fields. You should have seen the kids, they were filthy!!! Anthony's birthday was last Sunday, so they combined my birthday with his. We had another fun day!
Shaylee, Anthony, and me

Birthday Party!

Sissy put together a birthday party for her little girl (my little cousin) who will be three on the 24th. All of the family came and we played corn hole and sat around and got caught up on all the news. We had two cakes, one for Shelby, and one for me (I turned 19 on the 20th). All the kids got to play with each other and we all had a lot of fun. Here are all the pics from the party.
Aunt Trish (AKA - Sissy)
Memaw, Papaw, Me, and Aunt Brenda
Me, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Jeanette, and Uncle Joe
Cousin Josh and me
Me and my cake ( Memaw got an ice cream cake, yummy! That's Memaw in the background))
We all played corn hole and everyone had a blast. My grandparents played it all day long! Here, it's me and Uncle Freddie.
Matt and Jaycob
Dad and cousin Josh
Cousin Andy and Uncle Roger

Playing on the swing

Dad enjoys the swing too!
Jordyn and Stephen

Cousin Chelsea
Miranda, Aunt Trish, cousins Josh and Brittany

At the park

We went to the park to play, pass ball, take a walk and just have fun. The kids brought their bikes and we got to stop at the lake. We always take a family shot and we have to take more than one because the first one NEVER turns out! And as you can see, the second one wasn't much better! :)
The kids rode their bikes
Dad and Matt passed baseball

At the lake...

We stopped at the lake and tried skipping rocks (I didn't do very well) and take some pictures

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sorry for not posting....

Hey Everyone! Life has been So busy right now that I haven't been able to post in what seems like, FOREVER!!!! We have been busy with baseball, going to the park, planting flowers, family gatherings, and just plain 'ol life. I will hopefully have pictures to post really soon about all our exciting things.

By the way, have y'all ever checked out: http://www.sensibility.com? It has wonderful old fashioned patterns and hair ideas. I absolutely love this site!