Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing in the water

We can't have a pool where we live because of all the trees around, but that doesn't stop us!. We filled the big tub with water and Adam and Jordyn sat in it and splashed and played all morning. They love water!

We had Joe and Lee over for dinner on Sunday and Jaycob had these mind teasing blocks out and they both tried to put them together without the instructions. Lee did pretty good but there was one nobody could figure out.

Stephen turns 7!

Stephen's birthday was June 8th and he turned 7 years old. He got a new baseball glove which he absolutely loves!!! When we went to put candles on his cake, we found out we didn't have any candles. So, we still made him blow them out anyway!
Stephen blowing out his 'candles'!!!
Yesterday I had my yearly picture taked that I send out to all of my friends. I think that this year turned out really well! So all of you that read this, expect a pic soon!!!!


Last weekend at the farm, the Farmer and Lee laid hay in the loft of the bank barn. It was really interesting to watch. It was neat how the claw picked up the hay and pulled it to the top of the barn and then with just a pull of a rope, it dropped it. The rope that was attached to the claw was also attached to a team of horses and the horses walked and pulled the rope which in turn pulled the claw. The first picture is just of a wagon load of hay bales and that is Matt in the picture too.

Farmer Jim

The claw picks it up and carries it to the loft
Laying it all out even

A Barn Dance

A couple weeks ago, we did a barn dance out in the top of our bank barn at the farm. We had SO much fun doing all the period dances. We did the Grand March, a Waltz, and the Virgina Reel. We had a lot of people come out and participate with us.
Doing the 'Grand March'
Me, Matt, Jordyn and Dayvid doing a version of the 'Waltz'
Jaycob and Miranda N.
Miranda (Me!)
Dayvid and Jordyn