Friday, August 22, 2008

Jordyn turns 6

Jordyn turned 6 on Wednesday! She is getting to be such a big girl! She starts 1st grade this year and just started learning to sew!

She got her FIRST cowboy hat! She was tickled pink! (I just had to say that!)

I thought this picture is sweet, even though she was crying...

At the pool...

Being goofy! :) She is always doing something that she thinks is hilarious and then goes into this fit of giggles, which in turn sends eveyone else laughing too!

Playing a game with the boys...

The Darke County Fair

Dad took this week off work and we started the week of with going to the fair! It was SO much fun! Here they are judging the cows.

This dude here looked like a statue. he would only move when people would go up to him and try to touch him and then he'd reach out and grab them.

We tried to get Jordyn to, but she chickened out!

Mom was eating a funnel cake while she watched him and he started chasing Jordyn. When Jordyn ran behind Mom, he tried to grab Mom's funnel cake! Earlier the kiddos had a clown make balloon swords for 'em and Mom gave one to this "dude". Then proceeded to go at it with Stephen!

Jordyn and I taking a break from the fair!

Fair animals

We decided that when we get bunnies, these are the ones we want!! They were SO cute!

An interesting looking chicken :)


A turkey

We have NEVER seen tigers at the fair before...must have been somthing new they started this year.