Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brother and Sister

Me and Matt!!!

We went camping!!!

Our family has never been camping before so we all decided to give it a try. A group from church went and we tagged along. It was a hoot!!! We can't wait to go again!

Getting ready to leave

Dad and Pastor Steve

Matt putting up the tent

Matt with little Trevor on his shoulders

Me petting Nia while on a walk

Jordyn and Dad at the campfire

Me holding Clara...

Friends, Sarah T. and Anna R.

More pics of camping

Adam in front of a tombstone

This is me and I thought this was a rather different tombstone...

Matt with tombstones dating to the War of 1812

Dayvid and Jaycob with some of their friends from church...

Adam falling behind on a walk!

Baby Nellie

Mom and I went to Mae Taylor's to scrapbook one night. I had planned on scrapbooking but decided to take care of the babies instead! I think that's more fun anyway. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cattanooga, GA

Matt and I went with our friends Abby and Jonathan S. to visit their brother Isaac at Covenant College on lookout Mountain in Ga. The view from the college was beautiful. We went to Point Park and got the privilege to see the ENTIRE city!!! It was AWESOME!
Isaac and Abby at a vollyball game

Our driver Mr. S.

Abby and her brother Jonathan

We got there at like 1:00 in the morning and it was SOO cold but we didn't want to go to bed because we wanted to look around and just stare at the view from up on the mountian...all the lights from the city shining in the darkness was breath taking!

Matt, Me, and Abby

Lee, Me and Abby sitting on the lawn waiting for the movie to start

Matt took these pictures...he is a great photo taker!!!! This picture has Wal-Mart in it!!!

Abby and I infront of a wild flower bed

Yes, I'm holding a RAT!!!

Matt watching Isaac weigh a rat

Matt and Jonathan

Matt and I at the overlook....

It was SO pretty!!!

Just me!

Me and Abby

Matt and Jonathan