Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures of the Couch Clan

I found a bunch of pictures on the camera disk that I must have overlooked or something, so I decided to just randomly put them on here. They are so cute and most of them will just make you laugh! I love those kind! I hope ya'll enjoy them!!

The little ones at the park! One of our favorite pastimes!

Adam was taking pictures...this is one of the few that turned out!

Adam...our baby of the family!

Mom and Adam at one the of the flower gardens near us!

Jaycob, Stephen, and Adam....on our way to go camping!!!

Adam being goofy!

Matt said Dayvid looked like a hillbilly... I think if he looks like a hillbilly...he certainly is a very cute one!!!

Stephen tending to our fire pit

Matt helping hold the ladder Dad is climbing up

Adam...haha...I love this picture!

This picture, I believe, is the result of Dad hiding in the woods and then coming out and running after Jordyn. And in the process, Jordyn feeling she must run for her life!

Dad, Dayvid, and Adam

Adam being cute!


This is a cute picture of them two

Dayvid being....Dayvid!

Jaycob be'in sweet on a bug...

Stephen ready for a walk in the woods...

And just sweet 'ole Adam!!!

I hope ya'll enjoyed these!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Geneva

This baby girl belongs to a family at our church. She is SOOO cute and loves to smile! She is the happiest baby and a joy to play with!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An afternoon outside!!!

Dad got home early one day and we all went to the park to take a walk. It was wonderful weather and all the leaves were off the trees. It was so pretty and the boys had fun running around!!!

Jay, Stephen, and Dayvid throwing horse apples

Adam and two pears!!!

Me in some 'pretty' weeds!!!

Climbing on trees...

Sweet Jordyn

I think Stephen might be falling...

Dayvid grinning like a cutie pie!


Matt's legs were too long to climb up on the tree like the little kids did!!!