Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adam turns 4!

Adam turned 4 on December recently we take the little kids to Build-A-Bear and they get to "build" a bear and pick out an outfit and all that. Adam picked out a basketball outfit, I think since our lives live around basketball!

Adam and his balloons!!!

Ice Skating!!!

Christmas morning, my Mom's brother and his family came over and we all went ice skating! It was a blast! It was Adams first time and he spent more time on his bottom then on his skates! Everytime he would fall, he would just giggle and giggle...he was pretty funny!

It wasn't too cold out there...once you get going around the rink, you warm up pretty fast! Plus we had cookies and hot chocolate to keep us warm!

Stephen enjoying ice skating!!!!

Miranda and Adam!!!

Jaycob, Adam, a twin, Dayvid, and the other twin....the twins are my uncles kids, but they are identical...and we can't tell which one is which!!! They normally wear different color glasses and when we see them, they tell which one they are then all we have to do is see what color their glasses are!

Every year Matt and I always go around the rink pushing each other...just something we have always done!'s actually kinda fun!!!

Jordyn needed some help!! It was a tad bit difficult trying to keep them and yourself off the ice!!

Matt and I are trying to keep Adam on his feet!!! He had so much fun....this was the first time he had ever been skating!

Christmas Photos...FINALLY!

Sorry about the delay in posting!!! I FINALLY got the computer to work for me...
So, here are the pictures from our Christmas with the family...we all went to my Aunt B.'s house for our Christmas dinner. It was a lovely time spent with family!

Dayvid, Stephen, Jordyn, Adam, and Shelby...our littlest cousin!

Here is Grandma and Grandpa with all their grand babies....and Dad in the corner...just couldn't get out of the picture!

I'll attempt to name everyone for you... Papaw, Memaw, Brittany (holding Adam), Casey, Jaycob, Matthew, Joshua, Andrew, Miranda, Chelsea (holding Shelby), Jordyn, Dayvid, and Stephen

Our family!!!

Memaw and Papaw and their kids! Uncle Roger, Sissy (Trish), Aunt Brenda, and Dad

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry ya'll...

Sorry for not up-dating the seems our computer is having some won't let me upload pictures or till it gets fixed I won't be adding pictures!