Saturday, March 14, 2009


Pretty often, Jordyn and I do 'photo shoots'. It's so much fun!!!

Trying to figure out what we are going to do...

Aren't we cute?!

Two peas in a pod!!!

It worked!

It looks like if I add one picture at a works!!!

This one was taken today after I got home from work....I went shopping at the mall last night with one of my co-workers and got a ton of stuff!!! It was SO much fun!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What We've Been Up TO...

Well....our computer STILL isn't working right....I don't know how to add pictures with the new stuff they all added to our with no pictures is what I have to do for awhile. :(

SO...lets start with me I guess! I started working at Key Bank the middle of February.
I'm a teller and I'm LOVING it!!! It is SO much co-workers are a blast and we laugh and have fun all day! I work 40 hours a week so I'm pretty busy all week and I LOVE my weekends off!!!!

Matt is done with basketball now....his team won the tournament at the end of the season! They have a huge trophy and are SO proud of it! He is going to Sinclair and doing really well in that.

Jaycob is also done with basketball and his team took the tournament as well!!! He really enjoyed playing his first year and can't wait for it to start again! I believe he is almost done with school and is very much looking forward to when it is time to plsy outside!

Stephen and Dayvid are progressing very well in school and are also almost done! Baseball is about to start for them and they are very EXCITED!!!

Jordyn is still working very hard to get done the same time the boys are...she loves her dolls and taking care of Adam....she helps Mom while I'm not here and loves to talk when I get home from work! I must know what happened while I was gone!!!

Adam is growing up way too fast! He tried to stay busy while the other kiddos are doing school and loves playing with his cars....a nice buddy of his gave him a WHOLE bag FULL of new cars!!!! He was so happy...he slept with them!

I think that puts us a little up to date...Lord-willing I can figure out how to get pictures up and running cause I have SO MANY to show y'all!!!

Y'all take care now!!!!