Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cute boys

Dayvid (7)

Adam (4)

Tournament #1

The boys are playing baseball and are doing an awesome job at it!!! They won their first tournament and got an awesome trophy!!! They were so proud!! Matt and Jaycob never got one this big!!!

Dayvid standing on base

Stephen ready to make a run for it!


Matt(17) is on a softball team that started just a few weeks ago. He is having fun and enjoying playing ball...I think he misses it since he hasn't been able to play.

Just a big goof ball

Sleepy boy

Adam fell asleep on the chair and looked too cute!


Jordyn played t-ball this year, to get her used to the idea. She knew NOTHING about baseball and we all thought this would be good for her! She did a good job!!!

Running to the bases


Waiting for the ball

Sitting in the dugout...

Too cute!!!

Matching shirts

We all got matching shirts for the 4th of July, but couldn't wait till then!
Dayvid, Adam, Miranda, Stephen and Jordyn

Stephen's 9th Birthday - a little late!

Stephen's birthday was June 8th and he turned 9!!! He is growing up so fast! He is such a big boy, helping out at home, playing baseball, and being a big brother to the little ones.

Playing with new toys...

He makes the most awesome faces!!! He gets REALLY excited on his birthday!

Matt got him weights...gotta start them early!

I got him a wolf skin...

Guess we were singing too loud!

Happy Birthday Stephen!!

Picking strawberries

As a family, we always pick strawberries and make jelly. Matt and Jaycob started working at a farm called Monnins and are enjoying that alot! They are learning lots about farming and how to do it. Great stuff to learn at an early age! Anyway, thats where we have picked for the last couple years and love it!

Our bounty!!! We love strawberries!!!

Jay was SO embarrassed that Mom kept taking his picture in front of his boss...

Cute little Adam!

Jordyn and Stephen showing off the berries!

Adam and I filling a bucket

Dayvid and Stephen...nothing better than eating fresh strawberries right out of the field

Guess these should have been last...but Jordyn loved making Jelly! She is getting so big!


Making jelly is really a hot job, but she didn't mind being so close to the stove!

Matt working hard

Jordyn and Stephen

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big News at Our House!!!!

Mom is expecting!!!! We are all so excited!!!! The little kids were jumping around and yelling!!! They can't wait!!! We don't have a due date yet, but as soon as we find out, we'll let y'all know!