Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Darke County Fair

The Darke County Fair was this week and we have managed to go qutie a bit! It is so much fun to spend all day walking around and seeing all the animals and looking at the booths. Mom and Dad got to see the Tracor Pull one day and we get to go see the Bull Riding and Barrel Racing more pictures to follow!!!!

Mom chowing on a Texas Tenderloin sandwich. We also made sure we had a Funnel Cake as well!!

Miranda and Jordyn about to watch the Beef Cow favorite part of the fair!

Stephen and Dayvid riding some rides...

Fair food is wonderful! :)
Jordyn, Matt and Adam on the Ferris Wheel

Jaycob and a goat...

The Fair at night...with the lights on the rides all lit up...

My New Car!!!

I got my very first car the last week of July. It's a 2001 Mercury Cougar. I love driving it SO much! It is the PERFECT car for me...little and fast!

Jordyn turns 7!!!!

Jordyn turned 7 on August 20...she is getting so big and turning into such a great little helper.

Here, Dad is putting the cake down and in the process burned the hairs on his

Jordyn opening presents...she likes "Tinkerbell"

Happy Birthday Jordyn!!!