Monday, April 6, 2009

I got tagged!!!

Haha...Joy, you are so funny!!! She tagged me in this lovely game of listing 7 things that I love!

#1. My Lord Jesus Christ. He saved me from my awful sins and by his grace. If he had not saved me, who know where I would be today.

#2. My Daddy. I love my Dad!!! He has taken care of me for the past 21 years...(my whole life!) and did a WONDERFUL job at it!

#3. The rest of my family! There is always somebody to hang out with and just be around..never time to be lonely!

#4. I love to smell how a newborn baby does after a bath and covered in baby lotion. It is the most wonderful thing!!!

#5. I love taking pictures and planting flowers...I could do that all day!!!

#6. Writing letters...I always write letters....if you have never gotten one from's cause I don't have your address!!!

#7. I love preparing for marriage. I'm enjoying preparing in the roles I'll take over once I do. I love hearing advice form them who are...and can't wait till I am!!!

Alright there you go!!!

I tag..Leah E. and Bethany M.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Silly Boys

Stephen is SO funny! He had a stick and was shooting Pocket, while she was chewing on the end! It was hilarious!

Our fire pit!


We were all outside by the fire pit and Pocket climbed in my lap and layed down...she is such a sweet dog!

Family Photos

Before church last week we all happened to be matching someone in the family. All the girls were matching and then by chance two boys were matching each other. The pictures turned out really good!

The girls...

Of course, Dad has to take goofy ones before he can a good one!

Stephen and Dad

Jaycob and Adam...look at Adam's beautiful smile!

Dayvid and Matt

A Trip to Carriage Hill

Last Saturday, all the boys in the house were gone..except Adam! It happens every year at this time. It has become tradition for us girls and Adam to go to Frish's for breakfast then do something fun together. This time we decided to go to Carriage Hill. It was a nice day outside and we hadn't been in awhile and Jordyn had saved her money to go shopping at the General Store, so that's where we went!

Adam watching the man in the wood shop.
Carriage Hill also has a boardwalk where you can walk around the lake and look at the turtles and see the fish and frogs. The kids love it and like watching people fish. Today there was a man who was 'fly fishing' and if you have never seen some do got to see someone who is amazing!

Adam and Jordyn eating candy at the General Store...(my favorite of the whole trip!)

Us kids on the boardwalk